So we have spoken about our fantastic relationship with Redmond and Greer here before, but a couple of weeks ago we got a chance to actually jump on a video chat with their head of procurement, Travis.  We hope you got a chance to check out the video because we know we had a heck of a time filming it.  If we seemed like we were having fun, that’s because we really were.  These guys take such great care of us it’s impossible not to really like them. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, we strongly encourage you to but some of the main takeaways should be these:

  1. Redmond and Greer was founded by a pharmacist, strictly FOR pharmacists.  Every challenge you currently have in your practice, they have actually walked that same walk.
  2. Along with their VAWD-accredited affiliate, Cochran…Redmond and Greer is licensed in 47 states, as well as DC.  If you want to work with Redmond and Greer, chances are they are available in your area.
  3. They think of you as a partner, not just a revenue stream.  This is EVERYTHING to us, and we can absolutely attest to the truth behind this claim.
  4. Even entry-level accounts are given generous credit limits and net 30 invoicing.  In this business sometimes actual GROWTH and business increases can be incredibly difficult to manage because of cash flow.  If you have to pay your wholesaler before the third party pays you, things get very tight even if in theory you are running a successful business and practice. Redmond and Greer works to take the pain out of growth so your cash flow doesn’t run shallow.
  5. They want to help you grow and their customer service reps have unparalleled knowledge in the industry.
We encourage you all to check them out, and we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions about our own experience with Redmond and Greer.  Check them out at and reach Dave at!
Thanks again and keep flowin’, everyone!