Vaccines at the Local Independent Pharmacy

Heading into autumn means heading into flu season. So, it’s time to talk vaccines and how important they are. This is particularly true of our pediatric and elderly patients. These two populations are most susceptible to the very worst of the flu. The CDC recommends getting your flu vaccine as soon as they’re available, and this means getting your vaccine program ready to go.

Vaccines and Independent Pharmacies

Vaccine programs are a real opportunity for independent pharmacies to add another valuable service to your line-up. Half of most vaccines are now offered at the pharmacy. It may seem like a lot of work at first, however creating your own vaccine program can really be worth the extra effort.

When the opportunity to have a vaccine program first came up, Jerry admits worrying that he would be taking business away from doctors. To his surprise, they’ve actually seemed grateful for the help. Now he’s more comfortable with the idea, and the program has been a real asset to his business.

Fitting in Vaccines

Many independent pharmacies are very small, and space to give vaccinations can be a real issue. In John’s pharmacy, his workaround is offering a clinic outside of the store. He holds clinics more than once and sometimes two days in a row, vaccinating as many as 300 people in two days. So, don’t let a lack of space stop you.

Everything is a Competition, Vaccines are No Exception

The big box pharmacies have advertisements, signs and big dollar marketing going for their vaccine programs. Their pharmacists even have a quota to meet for giving vaccinations. It is important to let your customers know that your vaccine program is available. It’s another valuable service that you can offer, take advantage of it. “Just be sure to follow up on state and local regulations,” says John. So, have your epinephrine handy (just in case) and be ready to get to know your customers even better while helping them stay healthy.