Who’s The Boss?

Today on PharmacyProud, I want to share some thoughts and ideas about the most important employee you have in your practice. This is your number one advertiser, your number one source of workflow, and incredibly enough, also your boss. Who is this dynamite employee who drives everything? This employee who (even as a pharmacy owner) is actually your boss?

You don’t just have one, folks. If you’re lucky, you have hundreds! This vital group of employees are your patients! Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to be our own boss and our own employer, but ALL of us at one point in time or another have had a boss, no? So when your boss comes by work to visit do you make time for her? Uhhhh…YES. I’m a rehabilitated chain pharmacist, y’all, and when my district ahem-excuse me…market manager came by the store we made sure to give him or her all the attention we could.

Now by literal definition can you not consider your “boss” the person who signs your paycheck? Well in the independent pharmacy game, and honestly in ANY business…you should think of the person who signs your paycheck as the person who brings the revenue to make that paycheck not bounce, no? Ergo…your patients ARE your bosses. Treat them as such. Roll out the red carpet to every single individual who dots your door, and you’ll have more bosses. More bosses in the chain pharmacy world isn’t necessarily a good thing, but in our world, the more, the merrier!

Unsurprisingly I have MANY ideas about patient relations and relationships, and I’m going to be sharing more of them in the coming weeks. Check back with us, and we’ll pick up next time with “The Actual Value of Good Will.”

Be PharmacyProud,