The Pharmacy Proud movement is creating a national identity for independent, local community Pharmacies throughout the United States. Independent Pharmacies have a lot to offer their local communities that the big box pharmacy chains have lost. Better service, more personal attention and a face that greets you with a smile.

By joining the Pharmacy Proud community, local Independent Pharmacies can gain exposure in the community and drive customers to their store who appreciate the shop local mentality. Get the word out on the types of services and products they offer that set them apart from the large commercial chains. Connect with other local Pharmacies and develop a standard of communication that will grow and support Independent Pharmacies.

The importance of Pharmacy Proud cannot be understated. As we grow, we hope to become a cornerstone for the longevity of this industry and promote a national community of support for Independent Pharmacies. By banning together in a nationwide awareness effort, we will protect our futures and ensure a stable and progressive pathway of growth and opportunity.

Together we are stronger than when we are alone.