Picture this:
It’s Wednesday morning. Maybe the kids had a hard time winding down and going to sleep, so therefore you did also. Maybe you yourself had a little go-round with insomnia. Perhaps you even feel a bit under the weather. For whatever reason…you’re just not “feeling” work today…buuuuut it’s your shift and if you don’t drag yourself out there the pharmacy won’t open. Heroically you peel yourself out of the warm mattress, sheet, and comforter omelette you have fashioned for yourself in the early morning hours and get ready.

Then it happens. You open the door to head out to your vehicle and you see it.



For goodness sake, it has been raining for a week! Why couldn’t you at LEAST catch a break today of all days???

Dejected, you stomp your way to your vehicle, travel through more traffic, more slowly than normal, barely get to the pharmacy on time, and proceed to have a subpar emotional day. So where was your umbrella when you desperately needed it? Not your physical umbrella (I never carry one) but your emotional umbrella?

Why would your attitude about rain not be this?:
Water is the most miraculous compound on the face of the planet. Its nature of being held together by hydrogen bonds gives it surface tension such that you can float a boat on it, which allowed us to populate the world! Your body is mostly water, so it gives you life! When you walk outside during the rain you are bombarded with millions upon millions of drops of life-giving miracle!!!

Of course in this instance rain is a metaphor for any sort of adversity you as a pharmacist encounter in your own practice. Your emotional umbrella should shield you from the negative feelings garnered when something goes awry.

One of your favorite patients got pushed into a true mandatory mail order program? Your emotional umbrella is this: “Hey Mrs. Smith I am going to hate to lose you, but anytime you have any PRN or short term prescriptions come in and see us, we’d love to help you out. For that matter stop by and see us and let us know how your rose bushes are doing this season. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and we can catch up. You’re more than a patient here, you’re a friend and we don’t want to lose that relationship.”

Finally got a decent reimbursement on a prescription for a change and fifteen minutes later a desk audit shows up on the fax machine: “Well this tells me two things. For one, this person is just doing his or her job and I have nothing to hide anyway. For second, I actually won one today! I should celebrate!!”

Saw your latest DIR clawback – nevermind, they don’t make emotional umbrellas big enough to make it theft okay.

Saw your latest DIR clawback (actual): “Our practice is taking care of this community and growing IN SPITE of this. We will keep fighting and carry on!”

Your emotional umbrella protects you, but always be very aware that your emotional umbrella is also held over your staff, your partners, and most importantly your patients. Never forget that your attitude sets the tone for everyone under your roof…and your roof doesn’t leak anyway.

Stay dry everyone!